ZA’s Advocacy

Zupkus & Angell is a full service litigation and insurance firm providing pre-trial, trial, post-trial, appellate services to its clients. Our attorneys approach each case as unique—meeting the needs each case through thorough fact and legal investigation, early case mapping and assessment, settlement negotiations, motion practice, and trial. Zupkus & Angell zealously advocates legal doctrine and its nuances to achieve client objectives each step of the way.

Zupkus & Angell attorneys do not implement the “throw everything at them” mentality when selecting which evidence to present to a jury. From the outset, our attorneys work to distill each case into one or two primary themes that will resonate with the jury and enable them to enter a verdict in our client’s favor. Only the witnesses and documents which support those themes will be presented to the judge or jury.

At Zupkus & Angell, we believe that the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” certainly rings true in the practice of law whether before a mediator, arbiter, judge, or jury. Relevant studies show that jurors remember as little as 15% of what they hear while they remember as much as 85-90% of what they see. Thus, the power of an attorney’s advocacy and storytelling is significantly enhanced by the incorporation of selective visual demonstrative exhibits. The sophistication of the demonstrative exhibits will vary with each case ranging from simple blow-ups of photographs, to models of a human joint, to interactive digital maps and videos. For an example of a few of Zupkus & Angell’s past demonstratives please view the videos below:

Videos by Visual Advantage