Client Commitment

Client Commitment:

  1. Provide Exceptional Representation
  2. Deliver Value
  3. Provide prompt attention/responses to phone/email
  4. Zealously advocate
  5. As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of every dollar. We pride ourselves on providing both tailored and value-based services to the unique needs of each and every case.
  6. Open to alternative fee arrangements  
    • Each client’s needs are different. We are experienced in developing alternative fee solutions to meet the budgetary constraints of our clients. If an alternative fee structure best suits your needs, we will be happy to craft an alternative fee arrangement for you.


Commitment to sustainable business practices

    • In recognition that the operation of a law firm has an impact on the environment, we make daily choices in performing our work to decrease that impact through implementation of a variety of practices and programs including:
    1. Virtually paper free maintenance of case files;
    2. A double-sided copying and printing policy for all drafts and internal documents;
    3. Promotion of waste minimization through recycling, replacing formerly maintained paper files with electronic files in whole or in part;
    4. Adoption of Energy Star Guidelines so that the Firm’s computers and printers go into sleep mode after a brief period of inactivity;
    5. Replacing lighting with high efficiency bulbs.