Rick Angell – Pro-Bono – Metro Volunteer Lawyers

2012.11.05 Angell Rick PIC 532x800In 1978, shortly after Rick Angell’s admittance to the Colorado bar, he volunteered to take pro-bono cases with a group called the “Thursday Night Bar,” now known as, “Metro Volunteer Lawyers.” The organization allows people who cannot afford an attorney to seek legal advice and, when needed, representation at no charge. Rick focuses his pro-bono work on guardianship cases. His wife presented the idea to him after she observed that a few of the families who attended their church had family members with disabilities. She wondered what would happen to the disabled family member after the parents were no longer able to care for them and encouraged Rick to help them. Rick now helps these families in need by taking them on as pro-bono clients and making sure they receive proper care.

An average guardianship takes around 90 days to complete; however, several of them can last years, as an annual Guardianship Report has to be filed with the state every year. His cases vary from adults with mental disabilities, to those who have been abused. Rick takes the time to visit the families at their homes in order to monitor the care that the individual in need is receiving. Almost always, the families welcome Rick into their homes with open arms and are forever grateful for his help. Rick always has a few pro-bono cases and continues to help these families in need.