More on the Mansion

The McCourt Mansion, home of Zupkus & Angell, P.C., is one of Denver’s most colorful historic buildings. Situated close to the Governor’s Mansion in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, the McCourt Mansion has seen its share of Denver’s elite pass through her doors.

The house was owned by Peter McCourt, a brother of Elizabeth Bonduel McCourt Doe Tabor, better known as “Baby Doe” Tabor. It features 350-year-old quarter-sawn oak paneling from an old English manor and numerous fireplaces.

Peter McCourt came to Colorado in 1883, lured by the territory’s mining boom. He settled in Leadville where he befriended H.A.W. “Horace” Tabor. This close association brought McCourt to Denver a decade later, when he became manager of the Tabor Grand Opera House.

Following Peter McCourt’s death in 1929, the mansion housed women attending what was to become the Barnes Business School; after that, it served as a group home for mentally challenged individuals. Rumor has it that, in addition to the attorneys, several ghosts “inhabit” the Mansion today.